Our primary mission is to gain creative control of our products while continually working to bring yummy food to the masses.

Bloc, Diesel,
Forge Ice Cream
Sister Stores

We strive for friendly, intentional and knowledgeable service that provides our customers with a consistent experience each time. We are committed to serving high quality products while creating a dynamic, community oriented atmosphere for our staff and clientele. Our dedication to community extends past our local environment and insists that we recycle, reuse, and minimize waste as much as possible.

Tucker Lewis


Tucker was born and raised in Cambridge, MA. She went to UMASS Amherst and graduated with a degree in Fine Arts. Tucker loves all things Cambridge and Somerville, having been a lifelong resident and member of the community. Growing up and living in Cambridge has also influenced the businesses to be locally focused and involved with various community organizations.

Her love of art and building objects heavily shapes the aesthetic of the stores.  She has built cabinetry, tables, shelves, counters, and countless other items for all of our shops. Most often, she can be found either in her office scouring over numbers in Quickbooks, building something in the wood shop or eating ice cream and m&m’s for breakfast. She is happily married to Melissa and they have two kids and a dog named Ounce.

Jennifer Park


Jennifer was born in Northern California and spent the early half of her life living and growing up in Japan. While she has spent the last 25 years in Massachusetts, she attributes a great deal of her love for food, service and work philosophy to her Japanese roots.

Prior to opening Diesel, Jennifer had only had a handful of jobs which included selling high end comfort shoes, cleaning the Harvard dormitory bathrooms, and scooping ice cream. It was her love for ice cream, even on a winter night, that brought the two owners together. Currently, Jennifer focuses her time at work growing the businesses long term, developing staff, thinking about food and tasting food and drinks. Jennifer also has two young kids and a partner who help keep her focused on the important things: have fun, listen to music, and work hard. She is an avid runner, bike enthusiast and loves most things that involve moving…those who know her know she doesn’t sit still for long. She has run four marathons (Boston, New York, and Chicago) and now enjoys competing in local half marathons, 10K’s and trail races.

Jess Brasil

Chief Controller: Diesel, Bloc, & Forge

Jess began her longstanding career at Diesel in 2004 three nights a week – a refreshing departure from her full-time position as an art therapist treating adolescents with mental illness. What she used to affectionately refer to as her “fun job” became a new career direction, filled with many opportunities. Over the years, Jess has worn many hats in the company, from a decade-long stint behind the counter at Diesel, to growing and mentoring staff at Bloc, to participating on the team that opened and expanded Forge. Currently, Jess spends her days managing production, hiring and mentoring staff, managing company wide operations, orchestrating catering and special events, developing recipes, and growing the businesses.

While working behind the counter at Diesel Jess met her wife Kate. They are long time Somerville residents and have a young daughter and two Boston Terriers. Jess’ superpower is her uncanny memory. An entrepreneurial spirit, she has always had a knack for customer service and enjoys the stores’ strong connections to the Somerville and Cambridge community. When she’s not at work, she enjoys music, collecting vinyl, thrifting with her wife (they make a great team spotting vintage finds), baking and cooking, and going on mini adventures with her family.

Courtney Verhaalen

Chief Operating Officer: Diesel, Bloc, & Forge

Courtney attributes her love for food and coffee shops to her college years in Colorado. The only way for her to stay focused in school was to keep a seat warm at the chosen cafe of the week. The cafe atmosphere fostered focus and motivation while also providing a
welcoming community. After graduating, she was thankful for everything those cafes provided for her so decided she wanted to give the same thing back to others. Originally from Las Vegas, in 2013 Courtney decided to head out to Boston to see what new adventures were on the east coast. She started as a barista at Diesel just a few days after driving into Boston for the first time. Since pouring her first ever latte, Courtney has worn many different hats for the Bloc/Diesel/Forge family and has been in her current role of General Manager of Forge since the end of 2016. When she is not at Forge, Courtney can be found outside. Let it be coaching the Women’s Harvard Ultimate team, playing Ultimate for the Boston club team Brute Squad or heading to the mountains with her dog Luna. There is not much more that brings her joy than some fresh air and a few sun rays.

Sam Mulligan

Human Resources Manager:
Diesel, Bloc, Forge

Sam is our human resources manager, and has been working with the Diesel, Bloc, Forge team since 2013. When he’s not at one of the cafes, you can find him biking around Somerville, watching Shark Week, or playing music on his gameboy. His favorite thing to do is organize fun events for our staff!

Harrison Seiler

Lead Trainer:
Diesel, Bloc, Forge

Harrison was born and raised in Knoxville, TN. He initially moved to Boston to attend Berklee School of Music. After dropping out like so many others before him, he decided to stay put in Boston. He worked various food service jobs and a few years as a bike messenger before applying at Bloc to pursue a long-time interest in coffee. Since then, he has focused his time at work developing the coffee and tea program across Bloc, Diesel and Forge with an emphasis on educating and training staff in coffee history, knowledge and preparation. He currently spends time at all three locations working with staff on a wide range of skills including customer service, work flow and espresso preparation. Harrison lives in Cambridge with his partner and two young kids. He continues to play music in his free time while pursuing his wide ranging and ever shifting interests including literature, photography and cycling.


The Super:
Diesel, Bloc, Forge

Shoe has worked with us for over a decade and literally is the only reason that Diesel, Bloc and Forge are not falling apart or broken. She started off spending her evenings as a customer studying at Diesel, then applied for a part-time position and worked behind the counter until a few years ago. Currently, she works pretty much 24/7 to ensure that all of our equipment from AC units to espresso machines to fridges to ovens and more are in functioning order. She enjoys anything with wheels and gears including trucks, motorcycles and bicycles. She has at least one of each.

Jessie Hudson

Kitchen Manager – Forge Baking Company

First and foremost, Jessie was born and raised in Cambridge, MA and will probably never leave. She started her career in the food industry back in 2005 and joined the Diesel team in 2009. She tried to see if she could give up city life and moved to the slow paced and beautiful city of Northampton, MA. She tried out a career as a parking enforcement officer and holds the record of the most tickets given in one day of 113 probably to this day. However the realization of being more indoorsy than outdoorsy and the fact that all her favorite people and heart was still in Cambridge she returned. She now lives within a mile of all her people and the job she loves at Forge running the most efficient kitchen one could ever dream of.

Meghan Lethem

Head Baker

Meghan Lethem joined the Bloc team in 2013, and worked behind the counter there for a few years, growing into leadership and training roles. In 2017, she transferred to the bakery to explore a position that brought together her affections for craft, food, and early mornings.
Meghan was raised in the Midwest, and did a stint in Florida before moving to the Boston area in 2008 for graduate school. She lives in Somerville with her partner (John), their cat (Marcel), and her sourdough starter (Florence). When she’s not making dough, she can be found knitting, tending her garden, or grappling with the complicated relationships between food and civilization.