Artisan's Asylum

The Artisan’s Asylum was founded in 2010 by a mechanical engineer and a costume designer, housed in a 40,000 square foot warehouse (a former envelope manufacturer). Growing from a small communal studio into one of the largest and most diverse makerspaces in the world, it has come to serve thousands of students, teachers, and creatives of all crafts from every corner of the Commonwealth and around the globe. The Asylum houses metalworking, woodworking, robotics, software, electronics, fine arts, fiber arts, and every blurry line between each trade.

From whimsical children’s toys to punchy political statements, Burning Man art installations, live chemistry demonstrations, giants fighting robots, and masquerade balls, the Artisan’s Asylum has seen it all and more. As the word “makerspace” gains traction within common vocabulary, the Artisan’s Asylum becomes embedded in the heart of Somerville.

Aimee Archambault
Barbara Marder
Bennet Chaney
Ebbe Dahlor
Hayley Walker
Melissa Glick
Roy Pardi
Sarah Morrison



The Artisan’s Asylum
10 Tyler Street, Somerville MA

November 16 2019 - May 1 2020